10 Thoughtful Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

10 Thoughtful Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Welcoming an adorable little member to your family is always special. A baby shower is a ceremony that is celebrated in different ways in different cultures. But, one thing that is common across most cultures is the concept of ‘gift giving’.

A simple way to know what your recipient wants, is to check out their baby registry.    Remember, a thoughtful baby shower gift not only celebrates a joyful time ahead but also makes life easier for the parents-to-be. So don’t be afraid to deviate from the baby registry.  Here is a list of some of the best baby shower gift ideas that will bring a big smile to the receiver’s face.

Before you begin shopping for a baby shower gift, check out our recommendations on how much you should spend on a baby shower gift.

10 Best Baby Shower Gifts

1.   Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are perhaps one of the most common yet practical baby shower gifts. Although most baby clothes look adorable it is essential to consider the material used and make sure it is suitable for an infant to use.

Just as a cute baby onesie can bring a smile to everyone’s face, the wrong choice of fabric can be uncomfortable and even harmful to the baby. You don’t want to do the latter. Select something soft with patterns or stitch your own clothes for a personalized gift.

2.   Diaper Cake

Although this cake may not be edible nor sound very attractive, it is a useful baby shower gift idea for both the parents and the newborn. There are many companies that offer decorated diaper cakes. But you can also make one yourself by customizing it as you like.

Diapers are a must-have and useful product when it comes to baby care and gifting them as a present for a baby shower will be a great option. Combining different sizes of diapers for the growing baby makes it a thoughtful gesture and one of the best baby shower gifts.


Baby Shower Gift Ideas


3.   Toys

Toys are yet another amazing baby shower present that will be used for years to come. Ensure that you select the toys carefully.  Although a newborn may not understand its use immediately, within a few months these toys become a highly cherished part of the baby’s life.

Babies love looking at toys, especially vibrant and colorful ones and once their cognitive capabilities develop a little more, they start playing with toys. It will also be a sweet reminder that the baby can associate with you!

4.   Crib

A crib is a thoughtful and practical baby shower gift. In terms of price, cribs may be a little on the pricier side, but a safe and durable crib is what most parents are looking for. Several types of cribs are available in the market.

Apart from the standard ones, you have options like convertible cribs in which the size of the crib can be changed to suit the needs of the growing baby, and multi-functional cribs with storage units, among others.

Choosing the right crib might be a little tricky but that should not stop you from gifting one. You can check the family’s baby registry to know certain information such as space availability in the baby nursery.


Crib Mattress gift idea for baby shower.


5.   Crib Mattress

Choosing the right crib mattress is as important as buying the right crib itself. A breathable, washable, easy-to-use crib mattress is what you should be looking for.

A reminder, not all breathable crib mattresses are the same or even safe.  Make sure to look for a breathe-through crib mattress.  This type of crib mattress allows a baby to breathe normally through the surface.  

The SafeSleep breathe-through crib mattress is one of the best baby shower gifts.  Since it is completely breathe-through, you a giving the new parents a continuous gift of peace of mind.   It also completely machine washable and easy to clean.  This offers parents more time with baby instead of changing crib mattress sheets.

6.   Postpartum Care Pack

Sometimes, the newborn is given the most attention and the care for the mother becomes secondary. However, a smooth postpartum recovery is of the utmost importance. A postpartum care pack may consist of maternity pads, postpartum underwear, peri bottle, medicated cooling pads, perineal sprays, and other essentials.

While this gift may not be as common as other baby shower gifts, it will make life pleasant for the new mommy and will be one of the most valuable baby shower presents for her!

7.   Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is one of the must-have gifts for the baby as it can help the new parents get some much-deserved shut-eye. Being parents is stressful and the uncountable sleepless nights make it even harder.

With a smart monitor, the parents will be able to keep an eye on their toddler, no matter where they are. This will help them go about their chores without constantly checking up on the baby. A smart monitor can detect baby movements and gestures and inform the parents accordingly if their assistance is required.

8.   Changing Table

A changing table is one of the best baby shower gift ideas. It can not only help change clothes or diapers for a baby but can also change the parents’ lives for the better. A changing table is an amazing and thoughtful present that will be handy for the parents for quite some time.

Changing tables are usually multipurpose, so even after the baby grows up, the table can be used as a storage unit. This baby shower gift can be a game-changer!


Baby registry rocking chair


9.   Rocking Chair

A rocking chair is one of the most practical baby shower gifts. It can give comfort to the parent while they are feeding the baby or just bonding with their little one. The smooth, rocking motion of the chair can also help the newborn fall asleep easily. Before you buy the chair ensure that it’s strong and sturdy. You can add a personal touch by painting it a fun color or adding patterns.

10.  Stroller

Always carrying a baby in your arms may not be the most comfortable activity, especially when outside. A stroller is one of the must-have gifts for the baby. Not only does a stroller facilitate easy navigation, but it also serves as a protective shield for the baby when outdoors. New strollers come equipped with various add-ons that make life much more convenient for the family.

Final Words

Becoming parents is a joyful event and giving a thoughtful gift during a baby shower can make it even better for the family. Anything from this ultimate list of baby shower gift ideas will definitely make the family happy!  Selecting a thoughtful gift can not only spread happiness but also makes life easier for the parents-to-be. So make sure you gift your loved ones with something nice. Happy Gifting!


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