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SafeSleep® products exceed the highest standards in safety, comfort, innovation & testing.

 #1 Pediatrician Recommended Crib Mattress

Tested showing 100% oxygen-rich air while breathing through the SafeSleep® Crib Mattress. SafeSleep® scores 330 times more air permeable than other crib mattresses tested.

SafeSleep® is 100% washable. The toppers are machine washable. The base is easily wiped clean. There is no need to remove the base from your crib. Small messes can be wiped off the topper with a damp rag. The topper dries quickly.

SafeSleep® has no core or fill material of any kind. Instead, the base is hollow with side cutouts to facilitate passive airflow. We don't use quilting on our toppers. These materials are known to trap harmful CO2.  Rebreathing CO2 is linked to SIDS.  Testing shows CO2 is gone on a SafeSleep® breathable crib mattress before your baby takes in their next breath. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recognizes the benefits of air-permeable surfaces for babies who roll onto their tummy during sleep.

The SafeSleep® topper is air permeable. The air-permeable surface allows for better temperature regulation resulting in a more comfortable sleep environment. The air-permeable topper also allows liquids to pass right through the sleeping surface. Your baby stays dryer, and safer, separated from pooled liquids. The revolutionary design of the topper fabric allows for super quick drying. A quick-drying sleep surface means your baby isn’t lying on a wet mattress.

From personal tragedy to saving lives, our revolutionary and patented breathable crib mattress is the safest crib mattress for baby. Our mission is to create safe sleep products that eliminate the risks associated with infant sleep related deaths. Our unique breathe-through crib mattress gives parents 100% peace of mind so they won’t wake up to a similar tragedy.

Over 80 Thousand Parents Trust The SafeSleep® Crib Mattress for Their Sleeping Babies Even if Their Babies Are Sleeping Face Down!

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Choose the safest crib mattress for your baby – The SafeSleep®  breathable crib mattress ensures your baby is safe all night long since you cannot watch them every second… Complete Peace of Mind!

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