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Designed by a Pediatrician

100% Breathe-Through

100% Washable – No Tub or Shower Needed for This Revolutionary Breathable Baby Mattress


The Safest Crib Mattress

We Care About Keeping Sleeping Babies Safe, So We Created A Crib Mattress that’s 100% Breathe-Through

Tragedy to Innovation 

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100% Washable

Surface is easily removed for machine washing.   No crib sheets needed.  This breathable mattress is EASILY washed – to tub or shower needed.

100% washable from top to bottom –  inside and out.  

100% Breathe Through

3D, open-cell surface allows air to freely flow up and down.  Tested showing 100% oxygen-rich air while baby is breathing through the SafeSleepĀ® baby mattress.

100% Better Sleep

The SafeSleepĀ® breathable mattress is extra firm.  Yet, it has no positional pressure.  Eliminating skull pressure that causes deformities.

Rated Best Crib Mattress

SafeSleepĀ® Breathe-Through Crib Mattress is the #1 Pediatrician Recommended Crib Mattress

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When It Comes To Your Baby’s Health And Safety, There’s No Room For Compromise

No Fill or Core Means No Chemicals or Surprises

There is growing concern among physicians, health professionals, and public safety officials regarding the many effects chemicals have on our children. Researchers suspect toxic chemicals play a role in the significant increase in childhood disorders.

The breathable crib mattress by SafeSleepĀ® has no fill or  core.  We removed everything and replaced it with the most organic ingredient possible – Air.  

The SafeSleepĀ® breathable mattress meets and exceeds all crib mattress testing standards.  No chemicals like flame retardants, adhesives, vinyl, polyurethane foam, perflourinated compounds and other questionable chemicals including waterproofing chemicals are used.  Instead of being waterproof, liquids quickly pass through the surface.  This feature keeps wet and pooled liquids away from your sleeping baby.  No other crib mattress can make this claim.

With the SafeSleepĀ® breathable baby mattress, you never have to worry about your baby inhaling any unsafe chemicals.  You never need to worry about the fill or core becoming contaminated with mold or pathogens.  Your SafeSleepĀ® can be passed down for generations.

SafeSleepĀ® Breathe-Through Crib Mattress


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Based on 48 reviews
Image #1 from Sarah
Verified ownerVerified owner

Once my baby girl started to roll over I realized she is a face planter - I was up all night staring at her and rolling her back over on her back which would make her just scream and cry. After nights of researching I am so happy I found this mattress! I can wholeheartedly say that this mattress helps ME sleep better knowing my baby can breathe face down. Yes, it's slightly pricy but worth every single penny knowing my baby is safe and it's no more expensive than other mattresses that claim you can breathe through them. That being said I 100% prefer this design - it gives me piece of mind knowing that there is air underneath her face. The customer service is also top notch! My box arrived a little banged up and the bottom plastic base piece was cracked. I reached out to them and they had a new one sent to me immediately.

3 months ago
Image #1 from Amyrambo6319
Verified ownerVerified owner

My baby started rolling onto her sides and face to sleep at night and it was very concerning to me. I found this mattress and immediately ordered it. Putting it together was a little confusing with the spring insertion and they need to update the directions, but overall it was the best purchase Iā€™ve made for my child and my anxiety. She still sleeps on her face sometimes and I donā€™t worry one bit on this mattress, plus with this mattress Iā€™ve felt safe enough to begin sleep training her and it has been amazing, full night of sleep now. I very very very much recommend this incredible invention to anyone and wish I had known about it sooner!

4 months ago
Beth H.
Beth H.
Verified ownerVerified owner

Much easier than the last mattress we had. This is the only brand my daughter will use. It's much easier to use and clean than the first one we bought. The SafeSleep keeps her mind at ease. Thank you and keep improving for the children of the future.

4 months ago

best baby crib mattress

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“I wasn’t sure if he was going to like his new SafeSleep breathble baby mattress, but he is sleeping like a baby.  He actually slept longer the first night.  So far, so good.”

Andrea Peters

ā€œThis is the best crib mattress.  Thank you, SafeSleep, for making such a great and safe baby mattress!ā€ 

Jennifer Herlevi

“The matter is super easy to clean.  I love the fact I don’t need sheets and other bedding.  And it really is breathe-Through.”

Molly Robins

“This mattress is totally breathe through.  I tested it myself and can now sleep knowing he can breathe when he face plants.”

Angie Ratchuv

“We didn’t know what to do.  Our little guy started sleeping like this.  We are so thankful we found the SafeSleep crib mattress.  We all can sleep now.”

Brooke Heithoff

ā€œI’m so happy knowing our little Prince isn’t breathing in any nasty chemicals as he dreams. Free flowing air = Peace of mind. Thank you.ā€ 
Angelia Schallhornā€Ž

“She always wakes up happy.  Even better, she sleeps so good.  Thank you for such a great product.”  

Caleb Kline

“He sleeps through the night and so do we since we don’t have to worry.”

Nicole Stanley

“Our mattress came in today! Here is my slobbery boy Bastien! So far he loves it!ā€ 

Leona Moore

“I love our mattress! It gives us peace of mind when he insists on sleeping like this!!ā€ 

Jennifer Dowell

“This is a great product.  My baby sleeps soundly, and I don’t have to worry.  Thank you for your great customer service!”

Nicole Greevy

ā€œWe are so thankful! Our little guy rolls to his tummy, and we sleep peacefully at night knowing he is breathing just fine.ā€ 

Kelsi Peterson

Best purchase. Bought the SafeSleep for my granddaughter about 6-months ago who started sleeping face down.”

Terri Bennette

“The SafeSleep is our best baby purchase.  I cannot believe how much better my little guy sleeps now.”
Kendal & Grayson

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