Baby Mattress for Crib – What to Look For

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Baby Mattress for Crib – What to Look For

Babies spend most of their first few years in their crib.  And we all know, quality sleep is essential to a baby’s development and emotional wellbeing. 

Parents need to choose wisely when deciding on what is the best baby mattress for a crib. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) strongly recommends the use of a firm mattress.  However, mattresses that are too firm can cause discomfort and lower the quality of sleep for your baby.  

Not to mention, they can cause undesired pressure on an infant’s delicate bones.  The consequences can include the flattening of the back of a baby’s skull.  This is known as plagiocephaly or flathead syndrome.

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What is a breathe-through baby mattress?

The idea behind a breathe-through mattress is it allows air to flow through the sleep surface to the interior.  However, to be safe, the exhaled air must flow away quickly.  It cannot become trapped in the mattress.

Ideally, when a baby breathes through the mattress, their is no air flow obstruction.  When a baby breathes through the mattress, it should register 100% oxygen rich air.   A mattress that registers 100% oxygen rich air reduces the risk of suffocation and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

SIDS can occur when infants sleep on their stomach when their breathing is compromised.  Breathing becomes compromised when an infant rebreathes their exhales air (CO2). Consequently, you want a mattress where a baby’s exhaled air quickly evaporates and does not linger. The best baby mattress for a crib is one that will not retain carbon dioxide.


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Eliminates the Risks of Both Suffocation and Rebreathing

Having a breathe-through mattress for your baby’s crib that eliminates both suffocation and the risk of rebreathing CO2 is important. This is the type of mattress that is considered the best baby mattress. 

These baby mattresses allow a baby to breathe properly even when their nose is smooshed into the mattress.  Additionally, they eliminate CO2 before a baby takes in their next breath of air.  This is key to being considered the best mattress for a crib..

Some so-called breathable mattresses allow the baby’s exhales air to build up on the surface or below the breathble cover.  This exhaled air is rich in CO2.  Since CO2 is heavier than air, it remains in place or trapped.  This condition makes it very possible for a baby to suck in the harmful carbon dioxide.  

Read more about Breathable Crib Mattresses – Medical and Safe Sleep Experts Explain,  to find out the differences.

So, what are the benefit of a breathe-through mattress that also eliminates the risk of rebreathing CO2?  Below are some of the reasons why. 

  1. Breathe-Through mattresses protect against suffocation and CO2 rebreathing

The open-celled surface on the breathe-through mattress allows air to move freely up and down.  The hollow center with side openings ensures the flow of uninterrupted fresh oxygen.  A baby breathes easily regardless of how they sleep. This breathe-through feature enables baby to sleep safe and sound.  In return, it enables parents to sleep better, knowing their young ones are safe whether they sleep face up or down.

  1. Greatly reduces sweating

Traditional baby mattresses are known to trap heat, leading to sweating.  Heat buildup causes babies to wake up from their sleep.  The best baby mattress for a crib is one that allows unrestricted airflow, preventing the build-up of heat.

A breathe-through mattress is ideal for regulating a baby’s body temperature.  This ensures they sleep peacefully through the night.

  1. Easy to wash and maintain

Most mattresses for cribs go through a great deal of wear and tear.   However, the best baby mattress for a crib is durable.  They are also easy to maintain. Most notably, breathe-through mattresses are completely washable. This means they can be used for generations. 

They dry much quicker than other mattresses for cribs.  Additionally, they don’t allow dangerous liquids to pool on the surface.  They also do not use crib sheets.  Instead, the air permeable surface is lifted off the frame and machine washed. 


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  1. Prevents mold and bacteria build-up

The best mattress for a crib eliminates mold and bacteria.  Since there is no fiberfill or core material in a breathe-through mattress, there is nothing for mold and bacteria to grow on. 

Further, the unrestricted airflow ensures the mattress dries quickly, so mold and bacteria do not have the wet or damp conditions to thrive.  

The dry surface and lack of a fiberfill dramatically reduce the build-up of mold, bacteria, and fungi, which can lead to infection in your child.

  1. Environmentally friendly

The best baby mattress for a crib is eco-friendly and organic.  Breathe-through mattresses are made from non-toxic and chemical-free substances. With no fiberfill or core material, there is no guesswork of knowing what is inside the mattress.  Even better, they are recyclable.

Find out more about the Best Oganic Crib Mattress and the chemicals you should avoid.

When it comes to the free flowing, uninterrupted air movement in the breathe-through mattress, it’s as organic as things can get – 100% air.


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Mattress for Crib – The Verdict

Investing in a breathe-through crib mattress will significantly improve the quality of your baby’s sleep. Check out the best babymattress for a crib at SafeSleep® 

Remember, not all baby mattresses are designed to be completely breathe-through.  Many have solid or porous core materials that can trap harmful carbon dioxide.  We trust the science behind the SafeSleep® Breathe-Through Crib Mattress.  After all, it was designed by a leading Pediatrician and mother of four.  Find out more interesting crib mattress facts here, Crib Mattress Facts and Informatoin.

Find out how to make sure you have the correct crib mattress for your crib by reading, crib mattress size- the complete guide, 


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