7 Things to Consider When Creating Your Baby Nursery

Baby nursery

Things you should consider when creating your baby nursery:

  • Stick To A Budget
  • Theme: How Do You Want To Decorate?
  • Plan Your Furniture
  • Is Your Baby Safe?
  • The Baby Crib Mattress
  • Organization

One of the most enjoyable parts of pregnancy is getting the baby nursery underway. This natural instinct usually forms part of the nesting phase of pregnancy where you’re wanting to create a safe, and calm space for your baby.

So, what goes into creating an inviting and secure environment for your newborn? Here are 7 things to consider when creating your baby nursery:

How Much Space Do You Have?

The first question to consider is which room is for the baby? Particularly if you have other children, you might need to think about a switch around if you want the baby room close to yours. This can have an impact on your other children, so make sure you spend some time talking about this before actioning it, so they don’t feel neglected or pushed aside.

You’ll also need to consider the amount of furniture that will be going into the room. Is there enough space for it all? Or will you need to downsize on what you initially wanted in there?

Stick To a Budget

When it comes to baby nursery ideas, it’s very easy to go over budget. The cost of furniture, décor and the daily essentials needed to fill out the room can add up quickly.

Therefore, do some research. See what you can get that’s quality but still reasonably priced. Often you can find things on Facebook Marketplace for a good price or any other swap and sell sites or events. In some cases, furniture and other things for babies can be found still in good condition as it’s only used for a short period of time. For example, a bassinet or a capsule.

Remember, you can always add nursery items to your baby registry.  This allows family and friends to purchase your nursery items and gift them to you.

The Theme: How Do You Want to Decorate?

Decorating your baby’s nursery with a theme is one of the most fun things when setting up the nursery for the baby. There are so many options to consider: modern, whimsical, vibrant, trending, conservative, traditional, animal or object themed. The list goes on. 

So, why not start with a mood board to identify your style. Look at paint colors, wallpapers and stenciled wall art, which can enhance the theme of the room. You can add warmth through textures such as throws, curtains, chair pillows, and rugs, which will tie the room together.

Don’t forget to plan the layout of the décor to ensure the room feels finished when you’re done.


Baby nursery decorating ideas
creative baby nursery ideas


Plan Your Furniture:

You’re going to need some specific furniture to fill out the baby nursery. If you’re tight on space, it might be an idea to think about how furniture can double up. For example, a dresser can be turned into a changing table. Here is a list of furniture you will need:

  • Crib and crib mattress
  • Nursing chair/rocker
  • Changing table
  • Bassinet
  • Dresser (can double as a changing table)

Space savers in the baby nursery are important too. Furniture that can store toys and books are great. Also, make sure your space is easily adaptable so that you can cater for a growing baby into a toddler and beyond. Having a crib that can be altered into a bed by removing the sides is a great money saver.


baby nursery toddler bed


Is Your Baby Safe?

It’s important to maintain a well-regulated and ventilated baby nursery to ensure your baby is comfortable. This is something you must check regularly; is it cool enough in summer and warm enough in winter? If you’re using a fan, air conditioner or heating unit, make sure they are secure and hygienic. Clean fans and A/C units regularly to avoid mold, dust, and any other nasties.

Your baby’s safety is important and childproofing your house should be a priority. Make sure to be aware of:

  • Soft bedding or rugs that your baby might lay on.
  • Corners
  • Sharp surfaces.
  • Choke hazards such as small items left around from other siblings.
  • Items that hang down that are too low.
  • Cords on clothing that your baby is wearing.

One thing to think about is using materials that are easily washable and if you’re painting your baby nursery, use a paint that can be easily washed and sanitized. 

Also, when purchasing your furniture, make sure it is eco-friendly. Are the materials you purchase safe for the baby? This goes for your crib mattress too. Is it breathable?

The Baby Crib Mattress:

Your biggest purchase, or at least the most thought about purchase, should be your baby’s crib mattress. This needs to be breathable and firm. A soft mattress can be suffocating and hold carbon dioxide, and according to The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), mattress toppers and protectors can also do this.

The SafeSleep® breathable crib mattress is perfect. Having exceeded all safety standards described in the AAP guidelines, it combines safety and comfort, and has no positional pressure to negatively affect your baby’s soft skull.  It’s the only crib mattress on the market that is firm but also cradles to promote added comfort and longer sleep.

The SafeSleep® is considered as one of the top 10 thoughtful baby shower gifts.  


breathable crib mattress for a safe baby nursery


Organization and Flow:

When you have a baby, you’ll most likely accumulate a lot of things. From baby gifts such as toys and clothes to hand-me-downs. Any free space such as under the cot, why not add some storage boxes that can be filled with items ready for later.

With your baby growing so quickly, you’ll notice that one week they’ll fit into a newborn size and then the next minute they’ll have grown in to 9 month size. Being organized can really make things easier as they grow into, and out of, clothing. Have sizing sections within the closet, storage boxes or drawers labelled with the size. That way you’re not running around trying to find an outfit that fits.

Planning and identifying what you need and want in your baby nursery will save you time and effort. Map out what’s essential to your baby’s safety first and then have fun exploring the aesthetics. Your baby will be here before you know it.

Consider adding the SafeSleep® Breathe-Through Crib Mattress to your baby registry must haves.


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