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the science behind the SafeSleep® crib mattress

Many Crib Mattresses, Mattress Pads, and Sleep Surfaces Claim to be “Breathable.”


Crib mattresses claiming to be “breathable” often have thick, dense core material that can form pockets of air.  These types of mattresses are shown to have high levels of carbon dioxide retention – A known risk hazard for infant safe sleep.

This information is confirmed in a notable SIDS research study.  “A mattress filled with tea tree bark manufactured in Australia in the 1980s and ’90s and marketed as “breathable” turned out to increase the risk of SIDS” according to a study by renowned SIDS expert, Dr. James Kemp

“Infants resting in the prone (tummy) position or lying with soft bedding may rebreathe exhaled carbon dioxide, potentially leading to hypercarbia and hypoxia.  If the infant’s environment does not change or infants are unable to extract themselves from the hazardous situation, they will ultimately die of asphyxia.”

JAMA Pediatrics February 2017, Volume 171, Number 2

Before buying a breathable crib mattress, make sure you understand the difference between a breathable crib mattress and 100% breathe-through.

SafeSleep® is a scientifically tested crib mattress designed to reduce risks associated with SIDS and other infant sleep related deaths.

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CO2 rebreathing study

SafeSleep® Eliminates Harmful CO2 Rebreathing Risk

Rebreathing is believed to be related to many infant sleep related deaths.  Scientific testing on the SafeSleep® breathe-through crib mattress shows CO2 is gone from the SafeSleep® crib mattress before a baby takes in their next breathe of air.  This is a significant milestone in the progression of infant safe sleep.

More Scientific Data
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What We Now Know

Scientific evidence shows some air permeable mattresses provide a “significant” decreased risk of rebreathing of carbon dioxide.

It takes 2 minutes for carbon dioxide to dissipate on a firm crib mattress with a tight sheet; it takes less than 1/2 a second for it to dissipate on the SafeSleep® Crib Mattress 

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SafeSleep® is endoresed by leading medical professionals

SafeSleep® is the #1 Pediatrician Recommended Crib Mattress


Our 100% breathe-through crib mattress is the only mattress that physicians write prescriptions for infants who must sleep on their stomach for medical reasons.  It is recognized as the safest crib mattress by leading medical professionals.

The SafeSleep® Crib Mattress was developed by two individuals who lost a loved one to SIDS.  One of them is a pediatrician and serves on several national committees and authored many peer-reviewed publications advancing the health of children.  The other is a SIDS and safe sleep content expert.

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