Everything you Need to Know About Your Baby Registry

Congratulations!  You will soon be parents.  Becoming a new parent is exciting, scary and everything in between.  

You are going to need a lot of things to take care of that new bundle of joy.

However, before you beginning picking out the items for your baby registry list, you first need to pick your baby registry.  And believe me, there a  lot to choose from.  The most popular baby registries are:

All our good options.  However, we believe Babylist has some distinctive  advantages for new moms.  

We begin with explaining how Babylist works.  Next, we discuss it’s modern platform.  We then compare it to the other top baby registries. 

Then we move our topic into the essentials your baby will need so you know what to add to your baby registry

Baby Registry Babylist.com – What You Need to Know

Creating a baby registry can be fun and exciting. But with so many baby products available, they may seem overwhelmed too. Do you solely register products for the newborn stage?  Or do you spread it out to get some toddler things too? The options are as endless as the baby product categories.?

So, where do you start? Finding the best baby registry is the perfect place to start. Do you want a registry that only allows you to purchase from one store?  Or do you want one where you can purchase from many? Once you know the answer to this, you can narrow down on your search for a baby registry.  One that fits your needs.

Modern-Day Baby Registries

The great thing about modern-day registries is that most will help you to work out what you need and don’t need.  They help you decide between baby necessities and things that may be nice to have. Modern day registries are often easier to use.  They are also more efficient.  Additionally, they are educational when searching for the ideal products to add to your list.

Here at SafeSleep® Breathe-Through Crib Mattress, we believe Babylist.com is the ultimate baby registry. Not only is it a modern registry option, but it also offers alternative products you wouldn’t necessarily think about.  These include products from stores such as Etsy.  However, the also include the more common brands like Pottery Barn and Costco.


Baby registry babylist

Comparing Other Baby Registries

With so many options for baby registries, choosing one of the more popular options is the way to go. Opting for one that is more modern will likely mean you’re less disappointed in the registry’s reliability.  A more modern registry also gives you more availability of specific items you are seeking. 

BuyBuyBaby registry, for example, stays live for 1 year after your baby’s due date. Although you can only add products from BuyBuyBaby, this registry automatically checks off items after they are purchased.  This makes it easy for the buyer. This company has a thank you note tracker.  It also has a registry that caters for many price points and budgets.

Like BuyBuyBaby, the Target baby registry offers 15% discount to shoppers. This registry expires 8 weeks after the due date.  This is a huge time difference compared to BuyBuyBaby. Although target does cater for adding other products from other stores, this is only compatible on desktops.  Additionally, items purchased must be checked off manually.

Amazon offers another great baby registry; however, ease of use is a little more clunky. While prime members are offered the 15% discount on certain items, their non-prime members are only offered 10%. To add products from other sites, Amazon requires you to add the ‘Amazon Assistant’ extension to your browser.  This is far less intuitive than Babylist.com’s registry.

Pottery Barn has some great baby items, but there registry is limited to their products.  Pottery Barn’s baby registry also comes with a 20% discount.  You’re going to need it.  Their items are on the high end.  One thing that is unique about Pottery Barn’s registry, is it come with a free nursery design consultation.

Walmart’s baby registry offers new moms a free welcome box.  This box contains some basic essentials like diapers, formula, and bath soap.

The Benefits of a Babylist.com Baby Registry

There are so many benefits to having a baby registry, and often it’s difficult to compare them all. BuyBuyBaby, Target, and Amazon are all fantastic options.  However, Babylist.com has features that simply take it to the ultimate level. Registries on Babylist.com do live on forever. If a registry is inactive, it will simply switch to a private registry with a custom URL. This URL can be shared with friends and family.  It also has the option to have it password protected.

Other benefits of a Babylist.com baby registry include:

·       User-Friendly Baby Registry:

Like Pinterest, Babylist.com works by adding anything you want to your registry, from any website. Although most items can be found on Babylist’s website.  This makes Babylist easy to use.  Additionally, it also offers products that many not be sold on larger retail sites.

·       Awesome Tech Features:

Babylist.com has an easy-to-use app that has convenient navigating features. The app allows you to search for products and easily add it to your registry. The search function displays a range of the most popular baby stores.  This makes it so that you can navigate to their store with Babylist running in the background. And the best part is that when you pick an item, the Babylist button on the bottom of the screen allows you to easily add it to your list.

·       Price Comparison:

The price feature can’t be compared to any other. When you add an item to your registry, Babylist displays a range of buying options so that your buyers can get the best deal.  And who doesn’t like a deal.  And, in case you were wondering, this feature sends you an alert if the price changes or better price is available.

·       Non-Material Baby Registry Gift Ideas:

Babylist also has a ‘helps and favors feature’ option.  This allows you to add items that are invaluable. Whether it be home-cooked meals, help with cleaning the house, walking the dog or babysitting, you can add these items through this feature. Babylist also allows you to create money funds.  Money funds make it so friends and family can contribute an amount towards a more expensive item. A buyer simply adds an amount using their debit or credit card and the funds are transferred to your Paypal account.

·       Linking Other Baby Registries:

If you’ve already created a registry on another site, Babylist allows registries to be easily linked or transferred.  This way, you can have all your items in one place.

·       Discounts:

This is like other registry sites, but it’s worth mentioning. Babylist offers a one-time 15% discount that you’re eligible for 60 days prior to your due date. You’ll receive a link that’s valid for 6 months.  The discount applies to items sold on Babylist.com.

·       Babylist Bottle Box:

Babylist also offers some unique deals and inexpensive ways for parents to test products out.  The last thing you want is to invest in a large quantity of the same product only to find out your baby doesn’t like it. These box sets by Babylist are exclusive to Babylist.  We think they are simply awesome!

One example, Babylist has a unique baby bottle box which offers parents a sampling of 5 different and unique baby bottles.  This Babylist bottle box  gives parents the opportunity to try different bottle types to see what works best for their baby.  Many time parents buy several of the same bottle type, only to find baby refuses them.  

Babylist bottle box is an excellent value.  We suggest adding it to your baby registry on Babylist.com


baby registry babylist bottle box


·       Babylist Pacifier Box:

Another example of the box samples that Babylist offers is the Babylist pacifier box.  This box comes with six pacifiers, and a pacifier clip.  

Pacifiers can be tricky business with a new baby.  You will find out quickly they really do have a preference.  The Babylist pacifier box is an inexpensive way to allow your baby to test out and choose their favorite.  After all, who knows better when it comes to pacifiers than your baby.  

I want to add that the Babylist pacifier box comes with 6 high-quality, BPA- free pacifiers.  One of the pacifiers is the Wubbanub®.  You know the ones with the cute little animal attached to it.  

As an added tip, once your baby determines their favorite pacifier, stock up.  You will want one for the diaper bag, and a spare at home.  You don’t want to ever be caught without your baby’s favorite soother.

Babylist pacifier box is an excellent value.  We suggest adding it to your baby registry on Babylist.com



·       Baby Box Freebie:

The best perk about Babylist is its free baby box you receive upon registering with them. The ‘Hello Baby Box’ is filled with samples for parents and new babies. This helps you to familiarize yourself with items you might not have normally purchased. To qualify, you need to create a Babylist registry.  Your registyr must have three items from the Babylist store and three items from other stores.  To qualify, you need to make a minimum purchase of $10 from the Babylist store and pay the $5.99 shipping fee.

The appeal of Babylist is that there’s freedom around picking any product you desire to add to the list. The browsing option and app is convenient.  And the amount of advice available for parents, particularly first-time parents, surpass many other baby registries.

With over 57,000 reviews, and with a rating of 4.9 out of 5, Babylist.com is a clear winner when it comes to being the ultimate baby registry. The benefits outlined above will make you happy you chose Babylist. 

Now that you have identified which baby registry you want to use, you next is to add all your favorite baby essentials to your baby registry.  The list the professional’s at SafeSleep® have compiles is no-nonsense list of items.  

However, feel free to add some non-essentials that you fall in love with.

A No-Nonsense, Money Saving, Baby Essentials  List

 If you plan for the baby essentials prior to your new little one’s arrival, you will have more time and attention to pay to the thing that really matters – your baby.  Consequently, our baby essentials list is designed to save you both time and money.

You will need a lot of things to take care of your new little one.  With that being said, we realize it is difficult to know what items baby essentials and what items you are really don’t need.

Consequently, the team of experts at SafeSleep® made a comprehensive baby essentials list.  Our team consists of a pediatrician and mother of four, a safe sleep expert and mother of two, and a certified sleep consultant and mother of a 5-month old.   Consequently, this is a no-nonsense baby essentials list. 

Baby Essentials – 9 Categories

To help you navigate, we organized our baby essentials list into nine categories.  These categories include:

  1. Nursery 
  2. Bedtime
  3. Bath Time
  4. Nutrition
  5. Diapering
  6. Clothing 
  7. Health and Safety 
  8. Playtime
  9. Transportation

We explain the most practical baby essentials for each category.  Additionally, we give you sound advice on why certain items should be on your baby essentials list.  Don’t worry.  There is enough information to help you know if your picks are sound choices.

Additionally, we give you added tips to help you prepare for your new arrival.  

We begin with our nursery baby essentials list.  This is where the bulk of your baby necessities budget will go.

Baby Essentials – Nursery 

We get it, designing your little one’s nursery is one of the most exciting things about expecting a new baby.  In fact, my baby’s nursery was so over the top, it was featured in magazines and a few children’s nursery idea books.  However, we are going to talk about the baby essentials here.  We leave the creative up to you.

First and foremost, you want your baby’s nursery to be a safe, calming spot for them to sleep and play.  There are 5 baby essentials items your nursery needs.  These items are:

  1. Crib
  2. Crib mattress
  3. Spot for diaper changes
  4. Place to store clothing and toys
  5. Rocking chair or glider

Baby Essentials – Crib

Your baby will spend 70% of their first year in a crib.  So, you want to make sure it is safe. 

Some parents want their baby in the same room as them for the first few months.  If this is the case, you should consider a bassinet to save space.  However, others want to start there little one off in their own space.  In this instance, you will want to get a full-size crib. 

Skipping the bassinet and starting your baby sleeping in a crib can be a big cost saver.  



Baby Essentials – Convertible Crib

Another cost saver is purchasing a crib that converts to a toddler bed.  A convertible crib takes your child from infancy to 5 to 6 years of age. When choosing your crib, make sure it includes the toddler rail that is needed for conversion. 

The thing we like about the Delta Children crib collection is they come complete with the side rail.  Not to mention, it’s easy to convert the crib into a toddler bed.

In particular, we like the Sloan crib by Delta Children.  The acrylic rails make it convenient to check on baby without disturbing their sleep.  We also like the sleek modern look.

There are many different styles of cribs on the market.  Your nursery décor will certainly dictate the style of crib you opt for.  Just make sure the crib meets or exceed all safety standards set by the CPSC & ASTM.  If a crib is certified by the JPMA (Juvenile Product Manufacturing Association), you can trust it’s safety.

Baby Essentials – Crib Mattress 

If you opt for a bassinet, it will come with the mattress. 

However, your crib does not come with a mattress.  Consequently, a crib mattress is a baby essential you will have to purchase separately. 

Remember, your baby will spend 70% of their first year in their crib.  Consequently, you want to pay special consideration to the crib mattress they will be sleeping on.

The SafeSleep® Breathe-Through Crib Mattress is the #1 pediatrician recommended crib mattress.  It is designed by a leading pediatrician to prevent the risks associated with infant sleep.  It’s a one-of-a-kind design for safe sleep.

Baby Essentials – Breathe-Through and Washable Crib Mattress

The SafeSleep® crib mattress is 100% breathable.  It has no fill or core of any kind.  Instead, it has a hollow interior with side opening to facilitate non-interrupted airflow.  A revolutionary locking bar system creates a firm sleeping surface for baby.  This surface is made with a 3D, air-permeable fabric. Air flows freely and uninterrupted through the 3D, air-permeable fabric. 

The design of the SafeSleep® protects your baby from both suffocation and rebreathing risks.  It is also 100% washable from top to bottom.  And unlike many so-called breathable crib mattresses, no bathtub or shower is required for cleaning. 

Since there is no fill or core of any kind, there is no place for mold or bacteria to grow.  The design allows continuous airflow without interruption.  It’s the only crib mattress that tests showing 100% rich oxygen while a baby is breathing through it.  No other breathable crib mattress can make this claim.

Should your baby happen to roll over onto their tummy while sleeping, she can breathe normally even if sleeping face down.  

Like all SafeSleep® products, this baby necessity is OEKO-TEX® certified.  OEKO-TEX® certification means it has been lab tested and certified there are no harmful chemicals.


baby registry list


Other Added Benefits

Other added benefits of the SafeSleep® crib mattress include, there is no waterproofing needed.  Instead, liquids pass through the surface.  This is an added safety feature.  Your baby is not in danger of pooled liquids on the surface should they spit up.  Additionally, no sheets or mattress pads are used.  The crib mattress topper is easily removed for machine washing. 

Additionally, the removable, washable topper helps you easily maintain a hygienic sleep space for your baby.  Additional “spare” toppers can be purchased for quick late-night changes when accidents happen.   

Steer clear of top sheets, blankets, bumper pads, pillows, blankets, and sleep positioners.  Not only are they unnecessary, but they are also unsafe.

Baby Essentials – Place for Diaper Changes

You need a safe place to change your baby’s diapers.  It’s something you will be doing a lot.  Make sure it is a spot where you baby is safe from rolling and getting hurt.  It should also be a spot that makes diaper changes convenient for you.

You don’t need to buy a pricy changing table.  You can use the top of a short dresser with a changing pad attached. 

Prior to lowering your crib setting, you can simply use the crib to do diaper changes.

In our nursery, we converted it by adding a cabinet section on the bottom and a shelf on top.  We simply added a diaper changing pad.  All our diapers, creams, and wipes are housed in the top draws for convenience.


nursery essential changing table


Baby Essentials – Place to Store Clothing and Toys

Another nursery baby necessity is a place to store your baby’s clothes and toys. This does not have to be anything elaborate if you are on a tight budget.  You simply want a way to keep unsafe clutter off the floor, away from baby. 

However, if you are going to buy a dresser or chest of drawers, make sure they are securely mounted to the wall.  A simple kit comes with most chest of drawers.  These safety kits can also be purchased at local hardware stores.  It’s best to secure all furniture pieces that can tip over before your baby begins to crawl.

If you are going to use a toybox, be sure it does not pose a risk of harming your child.  Check it to make sure there is no top surface that can coming crashing down on your baby.  Also check storage bins and containers to make sure there are no strangulation or suffocation risks.  Just because you find a product on a store shelf, it doesn’t mean it’s safe for your baby.

Baby Essentials – Rocking Chair or Glider

You need comfortable place to rock your baby, read stories, and just snuggle.  Consequently, we consider a comfortable rocker or glider as a baby nursery must-have.

There are many different styles of rocking chairs and nursery gliders.  This is both a budget and comfort decision.  You should test out as many as you can to to find one that is comfortable to you. 

You’ll also want to make sure it is something that is easy to clean.  Many fabric rockers and gliders are made with easy-care fabrics.  Placing a nice comfy throw over the chair helps to keep it clean.  You can easily machine wash the throw when it gets soiled.

Make sure the rocker or glider fits properly in the room.  You want to leave floor space for your child to play.  Also, check the chair to ensure it is sturdy.  The last thing you want is a chair that easily tips over.

In our nursery, we converted it by adding a cabinet section on the bottom and a shelf on top.  We simply added a diaper changing pad.  All our diapers, creams, and wipes are housed in the top draws for convenience.


baby necessities rocker


Baby Essentials – Some Additional Items You May Want to Consider on Your Baby Essentials list for the Nursery

You may want to consider the following items on your baby essentials list if your budget allows:

Baby monitor


Diaper pail

Side table for chair

Baby Essentials – Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is not a baby essential, but they do facilitate checking on your baby without disruption.  There are many different kinds to choose from.  However, this is one we think is pretty neat, Zooby-Kin by infanttech.  We like it because it’s easily portable.  Not to mention, they are adorable.  Just remember, it’s not to be used in the crib or as a toy.

Baby Essentials – Humidifier

You may also want to consider a humidifier especially if you live in a dry climate.  You can pick up a table-top one for under $30.  Make sure to clean it out often to prevent mold and other bacteria buildup. 

Baby Essentials – Diaper Pail

A diaper pail is not a baby necessity.  In fact, a simple garbage can or even trash liner does the trick.  However, if you want a great diaper pail that eliminates odor, we suggest adding the Ubbi to your baby necessities list.  I can confirm it eliminates odor. Additionally, there is no special bags needed.  A big plus.

Baby Essentials – Side Table

Placing a table next to your rocker or glider is a good idea.  It’s a great way to have easy access to things you might need while rocking or nursing your baby. 

Remember, these items are not considered baby necessities.  You can opt in or out on their purchase.

Baby Necessities – Bedtime

You should opt for a season of wearable blankets.  The AAP warns against using blankets in a crib.  They also warn against a baby overheating.  Consequently, wearable blankets for each season are a baby necessity. 

This handy chart takes the guesswork out of how to dress your baby appropriately at bedtime.  Notice the weights of the wearable blankets.

If you are going to swaddle your baby, it’s a good idea to use a wearable blanket with swaddle features.  Blanket swaddles can become unwrapped during the night. This can also pose a suffocation, strangulation, or rebreathing risk.

It is also a good idea to have lots of story books.  Books not only support your baby’s cognitive development, but they also create a great bonding time for both of you.  You can ask friends and relatives to skip the “congratulatory baby card” and purchase a baby book instead.  


baby registry babylist


Baby Necessities – Bath Time 

Giving your baby a bath is a baby necessity.  However, a lot of the bath products sold for baby bath time are not.  You can leave a lot of them off our baby essentials list.

In fact, you don’t need a baby bathtub for the first several months.  As long as you wash the kitchen sink out, it works great for baby bath time. Eventually, you will need some type of tub for your little one. 

When giving your baby a bath, make sure the water temperature is not too hot or too cold for their delicate skin.  The best way to test, is to place your wrist into the water.  If the temperature feels normal to your wrist, it appropriate for baby.

You can get a fancy faucet guard, but it is not considered a baby essential. Placing a washcloth or hand towel over the faucet does the trick.

During The Bath

You will need a half dozen soft washcloths designed for a baby.  Also, you need a baby soap and shampoo.  Often, baby soap and shampoo are one-in-the same, so check the label.  You want to remember; a baby’s skin is delicate so don’t use products designed for an adult.

Having a few toys helps  distract your baby while washing his hair.  You can use common household items like small plastic bowls or plastic lids.  Avoid using bath toys that allow water to get into small holes.  Mold can accumulate in them.  Consequently, avoid bath toys that can accumulate water.

A plastic cup is a must during bath time.  It’s a convenient way to rinse your baby, especially their head.  A dry washcloth to cover his eyes when rinsing his hair avoids tears.

After the Bath

After the Bath, you will need a towel.  Even though the cute, hooded baby towels are adorable, they are not a baby essential.  A regular bath towel does the trick. 

It depends on the amount of hair your baby has, but you most likely don’t need a baby hairbrush or comb.  When they finally got hair, I simply use an adult comb.

It’s always a good idea to put lotion on your baby after their bath.  Not only is it good for their skin, but it also helps them relax.  It also gives you a chance to check out all those little rolls.  Make sure it is a lotion designed for a baby. 

Baby Necessities – Nutrition Needs

There are two choices when it comes to feeding your new baby: bottle feeding, or nursing.  So, we will break down the nutrition needs into two categories: formula feeding baby necessities and breastfeeding baby necessities.

Formula Feeding

For formula feeding you will need the following:

6 or more complete baby bottles

A baby bottle cleaning brush

Baby formula


A breast pump

Storage bags for breast milk

2 or more complete baby bottles

A baby bottle cleaning brush

At least 2 nursing bras

If breastfeeding, you may need nursing pads and nipple cream.  Nursing pads keep your nursing bra dry should your breasts leak.  Nipple cream if for sensitive, chaffed nipples.

Regardless of which option you go with, you will need a half dozen burp cloths. They don’t have to be elaborate.  Cloth diapers make an excellent substitute.  You may also want to consider an insulated bottle carrier for the diaper bag.  

One important reminder; never give a baby under 12 months old plain water.  Water should only be used for a baby under 12 months when it is mixed with formula.

Eventually, when your baby gets a bit older, you will need baby spoons, a highchair, and bibs. 

Baby Necessities – Diapering Basics

Diapers are something you are going to want to have plenty of prior to baby’s arrival.  They are a must for your baby essentials list.  On average, you will use 6-10 diapers each day.  This pace will slow down as your baby gets older.   

You need to decide between disposable or cloth diapers.

If you are using cloth diapers, you should plan on getting 10 for every day you plan on doing laundry.  The average is 30.  This number gives you a few days between washing.  You will also want to get a good soaking bucket.  A waterproof laundry bag also comes in handy.

If you are using disposable diapers, buy enough to take you through the first few weeks.  Don’t stock up too many in advance since size needs change quickly. 

Baby Necessities – Additional Diaper Basics

In addition to the diapers, you will also need the following:

Changing pad

Diaper wipes

Diaper rash cream

Vaseline – if you’re having your baby boy circumcised

Diaper pail – discussed above

Remember, if your baby does have a leak in the middle of the night, the SafeSleep® Breathe-Through Crib Mattress is easily cleaned by wiping it down or throwing it in the washing machine.  They can be washed and dried on any heat setting.  They dry in minutes.  Not hours.   

Best of all, there is no fiberfill or center core to wash.  A crib mattress doesn’t belong in a bathroom. Washing it in a bathtub or shower seems cumbersome and difficult.

If your baby spits up in the middle of the night, you probably won’t even notice.  The spit up travels quickly through the surface and lands on the bottom of the mattress where you can easily wipe it up.  Consequently, your baby is not lying in a wet spot or sleeping close to unintended dispelled liquids.

Baby Necessities – Clothing

It’s no mystery that babies are messy. Consequently, they need multiple changes of clothing per day.

Our baby necessity list assumes you will be doing laundry every three to four days.  You will also have to make some adjustments based on your climate.  For example, people living in the South are going to want a few more bathing suits than those living in the North.

Here is our list:

Wearable blankets – (1-2) for each season

Receiving blankets that can be used for swaddling and nursing coverups (2-3)

Onesies (7-8)

Bottoms 5)

Tops (5)

Socks (5 pairs)

Booties (2 for winter)

Pajamas (5-6)

Scratch mittens (2)

Sweaters (1)

Coat and snow paints for winter (1 set)

Spring coat (1)

Winter hat (1)

Winter mittens (1 pair)

Hat for the summer sun (1)

Swimsuit (1-2)

It’s a good idea to stock up on a gentle laundry detergent and dryer sheets designed for sensitive skin.  You may also want to invest in a hamper to keep your baby’s clothes separated from your other laundry.  It’s best to wash baby’s clothes separately from your other clothes and household items.


baby registry must haves list


Baby Necessities – Health and Safety

You will want to have some first aid and grooming baby essentials on hand.  Keeping your baby well-groomed and healthy is important.  It is also important to have items on hand when your baby is sick.

Our list of these baby essentials:

Baby thermometer

Medicine oral syringe with measure guide

Baby nail grooming kit

You may also want to pick up baby Tylenol.  However, a baby under 3 months should not be given any pain relief.  Be sure to check with your pediatrician prior to giving any medication to infants under 3 months.

It’s also important to babyproof your home.  Once your baby starts to scootch, you will want to make sure there is nothing harmful they can get their little hands on. 

Our list of baby-proofing products include:

A baby gate for stairways and other dangerous areas

Cabinet and drawer locks

Electrical outlet covers

Corner guards for sharp edges on tables and other furniture pieces

Keeping your baby safe is not always easy.  But, with some planning, you’ve got this.

Baby Necessities – Playtime 

Baby’s like putting things in their mouth, so be sure you have a few toys designed for this oral exploration. Oral exploration is a key development stage.  It allows babies to discover taste and texture of objects.

You also want a few sensory toys to stimulate your infant’s cognitive development.  These toys can be as simple as a baby rattle.  Or, you can opt for a more elaborate baby gym.  

You may also want to consider a swing or activity seat to entertain your baby.  Remember, babies should never sleep in an inclined position.  If your baby falls asleep in a baby swing or bouncer, be sure to move them to their crib.

Baby Necessities – Transportation 

You need the right equipment for your baby to enjoy some of the out-of-the-house activities.  The three transportation basics you need are a car seat, a stroller, and a baby carrier.

Baby Essentials – Car Seat

A car seat is a must!  In fact, you won’t be able to leave the hospital with your baby without one.  There are many styles of car seats.  Some styles are more convenient than others to get your baby in and out of the car.  While others take your baby from infancy to toddler age.

Once you decide on the type of car seat you want, make sure to follow all safety rules.  Buying a used car seat is not a good idea.  Most parents don’t realize that car seats actually have expiration dates.

Baby Essentials – Stroller

A stroller provides a comfy and convenient spot for baby when you’re on the go.  Like car seats, there are many styles and sizes of strollers.  You will want to choose a stroller that fits your lifestyle.   

For example, if you are a jogger or like to hike rough terrain, a jogging stroller with a single, wide front tire is a great option.  If your idea of fun is shopping, opt for a stroller that offers additional storage.

Baby Essentials – Baby Carrier

Baby carriers can be as simple as a fabric sling up to an elaborate backpack.  Like your stroller, you will want to select a baby carrier based on your lifestyle. 

There are many baby carriers that convert from front carriers to backpack carriers.  This type of carrier takes you from infancy through toddler years.  

Remember, your lifestyle and activities can include your baby.  Just make sure you choose the correct transportation modes for your particular lifestyle and activities you enjoy.

You now have a no-nonsense list of baby products.  Our next step is to give you some basic guidance on how to prepare for the hospital, choosing a pediatrician, and preparing for the homecoming.

Baby Essentials – Diaper Bag

Since you will be on the go with your baby, you will want a diaper bag.  A simple backpack works well.  Having a bag with multiple pockets is a good idea.  Your diaper bag does not have to be fashionable; it needs to be functional.  

You will be putting messing things in your diaper bag, so make sure you get something that is easily washable.  Remember, you could be carrying your diaper bag for extended periods of time, so make sure the straps have some padding for your comfort.

Preparing for the Hospital

Now that we have you covered what should be on you baby essentials list, we take a look at preparing for your hospital birth.  If you are opting for a home birth, many of the tips we give still apply.

You want to start with a tour of the hospital and creating a birth plan.  This should be coordinated with your OBGYN.  

You will want to be prepared for when the day or night arrives when your little one is finally ready to make their debut.  Consequently, you will want to have your hospital bag packed prior to your delivery date. 

Your hospital bag should be packed with baby essentials for birthday.  You will want some socks, footies, or slippers.  Be sure to pack some toiletries to keep you feeling refreshed after birth.  Make sure to bring comfy clothes for your ride home.  We recommend clothes that fit you during pregnancy. 

You will also want to bring your cell phone and a charger.  Your favorite water bottle or nourishing drinks are also a good idea.  Nursing pads are optional, but you may want to throw a few in your bag.  The hospital will supply you with feminine pads.  

You will also need a few things for your new arrival.  An outfit for the ride home is needed.  You will also want a blanket to wrap your new one in until you get to your car.  Diapers will be supplied by the hospital.  

Don’t forget the car seat.  As mentioned earlier, your little one needs it to be released from the hospital.  You can also use the receiving blanket you bring to drape over your baby in the car.  It should not be wrapped around your baby.

Choosing a Pediatrician

It’s a good idea to have a pediatrician lined up before you go to the hospital to deliver.  A hospital pediatrician will make a visit to the hospital to check on your baby and give you a release time and instructions. 

You will need to follow up with your chosen pediatrician within 1-3 days.  Also, the hospital will want your pediatricians information so they can send your baby’s new medical records to the pediatrician’s office. So, make sure you have one lineup before your little one arrives.

When choosing a pediatrician, take into consideration the travel time to their office.  Make sure their well visit hours align with your schedule.  Also, make sure the pediatrician’s credentials and methods align closely with your beliefs.  Another major factor to consider is if they work with your baby’s insurance provider.

Your baby will be seeing the pediatrician several times in the first year, so make sure it’s someone you can trust and rely on.

The Home Coming

Don’t worry if you feel a bit anxious welcoming your new baby home.  It’s normal.  However, if you start to feel extremely depressed, be sure to reach out to your physician.  And don’t think your alone.  Many women face postpartum depression.  Remember, your body has just gone through drastic hormonal changes.  

Be sure to set boundaries when it comes to visitors.  It’s ok to say no.  You should discuss your preferences with your significant other to make sure they are on the same page.  Give yourself some time to bond with your new bundle of joy.  Also, give yourself some time to recover.

You should carefully balance the needs of your new baby and your recovery needs.  And do not be afraid to ask for help.  Often friends and family members are willing to prepare meals and help with other tasks.  It’s ok to let them.  You can also ask too.  If the situation where turned, I am sure you would help them.

Don’t overlook the importance of good nutrition especially if you are breastfeeding.  And try to get sleep.  Sleep is important for both you and your new baby.  


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