5 Amazing Resources for New Moms

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These five amazing resources for new moms will be your favorite go-to’s. Becoming a mom is surely life-changing – they say when a baby is a born, so is a mom. I know that I completely changed as a woman after having my son.

I felt a new found confidence and a feeling that I could do anything. Having a baby is not easy so once it’s done there’s an immense feeling of pride.

As a new mom I found these five amazing resources to be extremely helpful with tips, stories from moms, and just good reading to make motherhood fun. Let’s face it, even the basics for first-time moms is sometimes a hidden secret.

#1 Red Tricycle

With over a million mom readers each month, Red Tricycle will become one of your favorite basics for first-time moms.  Red Tricycle is an amazing website I love and frequent often.  The websites tagline says it best — “Find the coolest ideas for things to do, eat, see and make with your kids. Our mission is simple, help parents have more fun with their kids.”

I love reading the articles from their contributor network of moms too. Here’s an article that shares how to keep toddlers entertained at restaurants without using technology.

#2 Romper.com

With 82 million readers Romper.com is another guaranteed favorite for first-time moms. Their Instagram bio says it best:  “A new generation figuring out what motherhood means for us.”

They have really fabulous round-up articles like this one:  Winter Gear for Babies to Keep them Warm & Cozy

I also love their heartfelt stories like this article about honoring our little babies on World Preemie Day.

#3 Family Sleep Institute

As first time parents we learned the hard way about not letting our baby learn how to self-soothe back to sleep on his own. Instead he needed mommy to rock him back to sleep. So 16 weeks straight of our baby waking up every one to two hours all night long turned our world upside down.

We tried everything and nothing worked. You can learn more about what saved us and how to get baby to sleep in a crib all night long after JUST ONE NIGHT.

So this is why we chose The Family Sleep Institute (FSI) website as a top resource for new moms. They certify sleep consultants and their program is amazing. So any certified sleep consultant that comes from FSI you know will be amazing.

You can find a certified child sleep consultant anywhere in the US and it’s all done virtually so you do not need to be local to them.

#4 Faust Island

I adore this blogger and her articles are awesome. This website offers a ton of green living and family tips and some fun posts too.

Some of my favorites basics for first-time moms are:

#5 Baby-Chick.com

This is last on the list but certainly not least. It’s one of my favorite resources for first-time moms and most frequented websites.

This site is all about giving moms education, inspiration and a smile. With nearly 500k social media followers and growing fast, bookmark this website too – you won’t be disappointed.

Baby-Chick says it best, “We believe in celebrating this time in a woman’s life and supporting each mother through her parenting journey. Through our website and social media channels, we provide an empowering, educational and uplifting experience to expectant women and mothers by giving them helpful information so that they can make better informed decisions for themselves and their family.”

How awesome is this?!

My favorites (so many to choose from):

How we Potty Trained in One Day

5 Products that Celebrity Moms Love

As moms we are so busy, so it’s great to take time to read an article each day not only to learn from other moms and relate to our fellow mom superheroes.