Best Baby Gifts to Add to a Baby Registry

Baby gifts

Here are the best baby gifts to add to a baby registry.  These are great baby gifts you will be glad you received.

As a first time mom, I was a bit overwhelmed with adding what I thought was the best baby gifts to my registry. There was so much to choose from and I was not really sure what exactly I needed versus wanted. There is a difference.

Now that my son is almost four, I have a best baby gifts, go-to list that I recommend moms add to their registry – One of these is the best baby gift ever – the gift of safe and healthy sleep.

#1 SafeSleep® Breathe-Through Crib Mattress

The most important baby gear decision you will make is what type of crib mattress you will buy.  I actually forgot to add a baby mattress to my registry and my husband ran to the store last minute and grabbed one.

When we discovered that our son was a tummy sleeper we got nervous about our baby sleeping face down so we found the SafeSleep Breathe-Through crib mattress and it is hands down the safest and most comfortable baby crib mattress.  It has become my number one best baby gift to date!

Best Baby Gift is SafeSleepBest Baby Gift is a SafeSleep Breathable Crib Mattress


Here’s how it works:

The SafeSleep Breathe-Through Crib Mattress’s open-air design with side openings and air permeable surface (no sheet required!) creates passive airflow that sustains an oxygen-rich environment for your baby. So even if your baby rolls over and is face down all night long, he or she can breathe normally right through the air mattress.

Otherwise, a regular fiber-fill mattress can trap carbon dioxide which is believed to be the biggest risk factor to many infant sleep related deaths.  Every baby should be sleeping on this mattress. This is the safest crib mattress for babies, and best baby gift you can add to your registry!

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If you decide to use a bassinet, make sure you know when it is time to stop using it.

#2 Woombie Swaddle

Our number two best baby gift to add to your registry was invented by a nurse and mom of five.  The Woombie swaddle was a lifesaver for us. Our son wore his Woombie even in the hospital after he was born. He kept wiggling out of the hospital blanket swaddle so we put him in his Woombie and he was calm and content.

It is super easy to use – we tried swaddling with the blanket but couldn’t get it right like the nurses could. At 2 AM, after having a baby you don’t want to be up trying to learn how to swaddle correctly. Do yourself a favor and add the Woombie to your best baby gifts list.

My favorite Woombie swaddles are the Woombie Air which is a ventilated design so excess heat can escape. Regulating baby’s body temperature is very important as overheating is a risk factor of SIDS.

Best Baby Gifts Woombie Swaddle

Another favorite is the new Grow with Me swaddle – buying swaddles as baby grows gets expensive but this swaddle grows with your baby from birth to 18 months! Simply genius.

Add two or three to your best baby gifts list in case one gets soiled and needs washing. You don’t want to be caught at night without a spare Woombie on hand.  

Safe Sleep Woombie Grow with me swaddle

#3 Marpac Dome Classic Sound Machine

Our next best baby gifts choice is the Marpac Dome Classic Sound machine.  Sound Machines help babies sleep better – our son is three and still uses one. I love the classic Marpac sound machine since it is easy to use and has lots of soothing sound choices.

Some tips: 

Don’t place the sound machine too close to baby. Put across the room on medium sound.

Only use white noise that is constant. Rain, ocean waves and other sounds that have different pitches can stimulate baby instead of help them sleep.
Safe for Sleep Dohm Noise Machine for baby sleep

#4 Bamboo Wash Cloths and Hooded Bath Towel

Our fourth best baby gifts idea is the Babmboo wash cloth and hooded towel set.  These organic cloths and towels are a must for  your baby’s delicate skin.

My son had dry skin patches on both arms and legs.  When he was a toddler, he had a red patch of eczema on one side of his face.  Using the Bamboo products helped reduce irritation.

Here’s how I healed his eczema naturally:

Changed bath wash. We now use The Honest Company Shampoo + Body Wash. It’s eco and doesn’t have any irritating ingredients.  It’s also a great best baby gifts idea.

We changed his washcloths and towels to Juddlies hooded bamboo bath towel for babies and toddlers with matching bamboo washcloths for kids. Bamboo is amazing!  It’s a great best baby gifts idea for all new moms.

We use this amazing eco healing stick for kids from Perfectly Posh – it’s all natural and we put it on my son’s face daily and the eczema patch never comes back.

Best Baby Gifts to add to your registry bamboo


#5 Buncha Farmers Eco Stain Remover Stick

Doesn’t seem like a typical baby shower gift, BUT it will be one of mom’s favorite best baby gifts.  This stain remover is all natural and works like MAGIC. One morning on Easter my baby had a diaper blow out – and let’s just say it was not chocolate all over his white onesie. 

Within minutes I had the onesie completely white and clean using this stain remover stick.  I love this best baby gifts choice!

Babies are messy whether it be spit up, pureed food, or diaper blow outs; Buncha Farmers will help get those tough stains out so your baby’s clothes are not ruined and you don’t have to use toxic stain removers with chemicals.
It even removes berry and red wine stains!
Best Baby Gifts to add to registry bunch of farmers stain stick
It not only makes the list of best baby gifts, it also makes the perfect stocking stuffer!

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