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Compare the Newton® Breathable Crib Mattress to the SafeSleep® Breathe-Thru Crib Mattress, and find out why the SafeSleep® is the #1 Pediatrician & Parent Recommended Crib Mattress.


The Better Choice

  • Tested Showing 100% Oxygen-Rich Air While Breathing Through the SafeSleep® Crib Mattress
  • 100% Machine Washable 
  • No Fill or Core to Bathe or Shower
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Top 3 Reasons

SafeSleep® is The Better Choice

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Safer Design 


  • The SafeSleep® crib mattress has no fill or core of any kind.  By design, it is filled with constant fee flowing air
  • The open-weave surface allows air to travel up and down without trapping harmful carbon dioxide.  Crib mattresses containing fiberfil, loose cores, quilted surfaces, have all been shown to trap harmful carbon dioxide.
  • The constant airflow keeps your baby’s core body temperature stable – not too hot and not too cold for a better, longer sleep.

Easier Washing & Sanitizing


  • SafeSleep® has no fill or plastic core to wash, so there is no bathtub or shower needed. 
  • The surface is easily removed for machine washing.  There is no reason to lift the mattress out of the crib for cleaning & sanitizing. 
  • The base is easily wiped clean while still in the crib.  Spit up can be easily wiped clean from the surface with a damp rag.
  • The SafeSleep® takes 10 minutes to completely dry.
  • The Newton® Crib Mattress takes 5-6 hours to completely dry.

No Viscose or FR’s


  • The SafeSleep® exceeds all crib mattress safety standards without the use of fire retardants (FR) or waterproofing chemicals. 
  • The open-weave cover allows liquids to pass through the SafeSleep® instead of pooling on the surface which can be dangerous. 
  • Newton®  Crib Mattress  uses a viscose layer for both waterproofing and as an FR.  Viscose is a water-repellent synthetic fiber, which allows heat to build up.
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Breathable Crib Mattress

The objective data from breathe-through crib mattress by SafeSleep® is impressive for a solution to the problem of the infant who rolls during sleep.

The Back-to-Sleep Campaign has saved thousands of infants.  Using a firm, air-permeable crib mattress that allows oxygen to circulate is part of the safe infant sleeping environment.”

Dr. Gil Martin

Professor of Pediatrics and Medical Director Emeritus of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the Family Birth & Newborn Center at Queen of the Valley Hospital, California. He is a former member of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Committee on Fetus and Newborn and past Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Perinatology.


Best Breathable Crib Mattress

I Don’t Worry Now

This mattress is totally breathe through.  I tested it myself and can now sleep knowing he can breathe when he face plants.”

Angie Ratchuv

Verified Purchaser

Best Crib Mattress to reduce SIDS risks

Babies can flip themselves face down, even if they were first positioned face up, as they should always be.  The face-down position is obviously hazardous. The whole purpose of a breathe-through mattress is to ensure that a baby can still get fresh air even when its nose rests directly on the sleep surface. 

The SafeSleep® design eliminates an important risk factor, and the developers are to be congratulated on their excellent work.”

Dr. Ron Somers

Dr. Ron Somers is on the  Standards Australia Technical Committee CS-003 Safety of children’s furniture.  He is the author of the Australia and New Zealand safety standard for infant mattresses published in 2013.

baby sleeping face down

I Love Our Mattress!

I love our mattress! It gives us peace of mind when he insists on sleeping like this!!” 

Jennifer Dowell

Verified Purchaser

Breathable Crib Mattress

He Loves it!

Our mattress came in today! Here is my slobbery boy Bastien! So far he loves it!” 

Leona Moore

Verified Purchaser

breathable Crib mattress

This is The Best Crib Mattress

Thank you, SafeSleep, for making such a great and safe baby mattress!” 

Jennifer Herlevi

Verified Purchaser

Best Crib Mattress

The Best Thing Ever

The SafeSleep Breathable crib mattress is the best thing ever!!!!! Well worth every penny!!!! I highly recommend this mattress!!!” 

Keli Chaffin Peters

Verified Purchaser

Best Crib Mattress

Best Baby Purchase

The SafeSleep is our best baby purchase.  I cannot believe how much better my little guy sleeps now.”

Kendal Grayson

Verified Purchaser

Baby Sleeping Face Down

We Love These Crib Mattresses!

We purchased two SafeSleep® Crib Mattresses a few years ago for our twins after losing a baby at 3.5 months in a crib.”

Melissa Gigliotta Bryant – Wife of Atlanta Falcon’s Star Matt Bryant

Verified Purchaser

Baby Rolling Over and Sleeping Face Down

The Peace of Mind is Priceless

I don’t have to hold my breath while waiting to see her chest rise anymore when I walk into this. The peace of mind is priceless.” 

Melisa Depenbrock

Verified Purchaser

best crib mattress

Best Purchase

Best purchase. Bought the SafeSleep for my granddaughter about 6-months ago who started sleeping face down.”

Terri Bennette

Verified Purchaser


Breathable Crib Mattress

Thank You So Much For Creating This Mattress

We installed the mattress last night, and this is how we found her this morning. Thanks so much for creating this mattress!!!” 

Crystal Van Thuyne

Verified Purchaser

Baby Sleeping Face Down

We Are So Thankful

We are so thankful! Our little guy rolls to his tummy, and we sleep peacefully at night knowing he is breathing just fine.”

Kelsi Peterson

Verified Purchaser

Baby Sleeping Face Down

We Love It And So Does My New Baby

Britain Olivia says she loves her new SafeSleep mattress and is ready to spend her first night alone in her crib :).” 

Kristina Smith

Verified Purchaser

best crib mattress

Free flowing air = Peace of mind.

I’m so happy knowing our little Prince isn’t breathing in any nasty chemicals as he dreams. Free flowing air = Peace of mind. Thank you.”

Angelia Schallhorn‎

Verified Purchaser

SafeSleep® is there when you are not

The Safest Crib Mattress

 SafeSleep® scores higher than breathable crib mattresses for breathability and lower in suffocation risk according to scientific testing. The reason it surpasses other breathable crib mattresses for safety, comfort, and ease of cleaning, is the fact it has no fill or core.

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