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Healthy and Safe Sleep for Babies

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Healthy and safe sleep is the foundation of every family.   Getting the ideal sleep for you and your baby, helps your baby thrive and develop. If baby is sleeping well, this means parents are too. 

  • Newborns sleep 16 to 18 hours per 24 hour day.  This is the ideal sleep time for babies.
  • Babies wake up often because their stomachs are small and get hungry again.  
  • Newborns have two different kinds of sleep: Active Sleep and Quiet Sleep.  Both are considered healthy and safe sleep for baby.  During active sleep, newborns move around a lot and make noises. They can be woken easily during active sleep. During quiet sleep, newborns are still. Their breathing is deep and regular. They’re less likely to wake during quiet sleep.” (Source)
  • A newborn’s sleep cycle is 40 minutes long. After each sleep cycle your baby may start to cry and need help to go back to sleep. Holding baby or rocking helps.
  • Around 3 or 4 months babies start to form sleep habits. So if you rock your baby to sleep, this is the time where you want to lay baby in the crib sleepy but not totally asleep so that baby can learn how to self-soothe and fall asleep on their own. The earlier the better than you start with this. If your baby is older and is still waking up multiple times a night needing you to rock him or her to sleep, check out our blog on the magic cry it out method that worked in ONE night  to help our baby learn to fall asleep on his own.
  • Also, around the 4 month mark, your baby will be sleeping longer (4 to 6 hours straight).  All babies are different however.

The Ideal Sleep Environment:

Dark Room
This is very important. Any type of light will stimulate baby and keep them awake. No nightlights and even the little light on the sound machine should be covered up. Room darkening shades or curtains work great, and can add some flair to the nursery.

Empty Crib
No mobiles with music, no musical or light projector toys, no pillows, no blankets, no bumpers, no toys, or anything else should be inside the crib. Only your swaddled baby.

We love the Woombie no-wrap baby swaddle the best.  We also love and promote the SafeSleep Breathe-Through Crib Mattress.  Baby can breathe through the mattress normally if they roll over and are face down; there’s a SIDS and suffocation risk when baby’s become face down on regular fiber-fill crib mattresses. SafeSleep Breathe-Through mattress eliminates this risk with their unique constant-air flow design.

The optimal temperature for infant sleep is between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  Overheating is a risk factor if SIDS and it’s very important to keep baby the right temperature – not too hot and not too cold. Using a ventilated Woombie baby swaddle on hot/warm nights helps keep the air circulating over baby’s skin and in the winter try the Winter Woombie swaddle which has more warmth. and also the SafeSleep crib mattress is designed to keep air
flowing so baby does not get too hot or too cold.

It’s amazing how much better babies sleep when following these tips. Our son is 3.5 and is still a rock-star sleeper.