Baby Sleeping on Stomach?

Baby sleeping on stomach?  Are you looking for a solution so you can get more sleep?  We know first hand crib mattresses can be dangerous for a baby who is sleeping on their stomach. Our Story!

Baby Sleeping on Stomach?

The best solution

Safe Stomach Sleep Starts With A Scientifically Tested SafeSleep® Breathe-Thru Crib Mattress

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Designed by a Pediatrician

  • Designed by a pediatrician to create the healthiest, safest, & most comfortable sleep for your baby. 
  • Air flows freely up & down through the surface for maximum breathability & ideal temperature control. 
SafeSleep® is the #1 pediatrician recommended crib mattress

Unique design of the SafeSleep® promotes constant airflow

breathable crib mattress

There is no fill or core of any type in the SafeSleep® Completely Breathe-Through Crib Mattress.  Therefore, there is nothing to block airflow!  Instead, it has an open-weave, air-permeable surface that is only 1/8 of an inch thick.  The surface is  stretched taut and firm over a hollow base with side openings using a brilliantly engineered locking bar system. This revolutionary design allows a baby stomach sleeping who is even face straight down, to breathe normally.

baby sleeping face down

I Love Our Mattress!

“I love our mattress! It gives us peace of mind when he insists on sleeping like this!!” 
Jennifer Dowell
Breathable Crib Mattress

He Loves it!

“Our mattress came in today! Here is my slobbery boy Bastien! So far he loves it!” 
Leona Moore
Breathable Baby Mattress

Highly Recommend

We did everything to keep Annabell on her back, but she would only stomach sleep.  I was losing sleep until we found the SafeSleep crib mattress.  We all sleep now.

Heather Jensen

Best Breathable Crib Mattress

I Don’t Worry Now

This mattress is totally breathe through.  I tested it myself and can now sleep knowing he can breathe when he face plants.

Angie Ratchuv

Breathable Crib Mattress

This is The Best Crib Mattress

“Thank you, SafeSleep, for making such a great and safe baby mattress!” 
Jennifer Herlevi
Best Crib Mattress

The Best Thing Ever

“The SafeSleep Breathable crib mattress is the best thing ever!!!!! Well worth every penny!!!! I highly recommend this mattress!!!” 
Keli Chaffin Peters
Best Crib Mattress

Best Baby Purchase

“The SafeSleep is our best baby purchase.  I cannot believe how much better my little guy sleeps now.”
Kendal Grayson
Baby Sleeping Face Down

We Love These Crib Mattresses!

“We purchased two SafeSleep® Crib Mattresses two years ago for our twins after losing a baby at 3.5 months in a crib.”

Melissa Gigliotta Bryant – Wife of Atlanta Falcon’s Star Matt Bryant

Baby Rolling Over and Sleeping Face Down

The Peace of Mind is Priceless

“I don’t have to hold my breath while waiting to see her chest rise anymore when I walk into this. The peace of mind is priceless.” 

Melisa Depenbrock

best crib mattress

Best Purchase

“Best purchase. Bought the SafeSleep for my granddaughter about 6-months ago who started sleeping face down.”

Terri Bennett

Breathable Crib Mattress

Thank You So Much For Creating This Mattress

“We installed the mattress last night, and this is how we found her this morning. Thanks so much for creating this mattress!!!” 

Crystal Van Thuyne

Baby Sleeping Face Down

We Are So Thankful

“We are so thankful! Our little guy rolls to his tummy, and we sleep peacefully at night knowing he is breathing just fine.” 

Kelsi Peterson

best crib mattress

Free flowing air = Peace of mind.

“I’m so happy knowing our little Prince isn’t breathing in any nasty chemicals as he dreams. Free flowing air = Peace of mind. Thank you.” 
Angelia Schallhorn‎
Baby Sleeping Face Down

We Love It And So Does My New Baby

“Britain Olivia says she loves her new SafeSleep mattress and is ready to spend her first night alone in her crib :).” 
Kristina Smith
Best Breathable Crib Mattress

This Mattress is Worth Every Penny

“This mattress is worth every penny knowing our baby is safe and comfortable! He sleeps all night and now so do I with peace of mind!” 
Kelly L.
baby sleeping face down

Great Product

This is a great product.  My baby sleeps soundly, and I don’t have to worry.  Thank you for your great customer service!

Nicole Greevy

baby sleeping on stomach

Best Baby Product Ever!

I recommend the SafeSleep mattress to all my new mom friends.  I wish I knew about with my first.  My second sleeps so much better, and I swear it is because of the SafeSleep mattress.

Nicole Stanley

Breathable Crib Mattress

We Don’t Worry Now

We didn’t know what to do.  Our little guy started sleeping like this.  We are so thankful we found the SafeSleep crib mattress.  We all can sleep now.

Brooke Heithoff

SafeSleep® products exceed the highest standards in safety, comfort, innovation & testing.

If your baby is sleeping on their stomach, your best solution is a crib mattress they can breathe right through.  The  SafeSleep® is the only crib mattress that is scientifically tested showing 100% oxygen-rich air while breathing through the surface.

Scientific Test Data

Trust the Science!

If your baby is sleeping on their stomach, you want a crib mattress scientifically tested showing 100% oxygen-rich air while breathing through it.  


Buy your SafeSleep® today!

Back sleeping is best, but all infants eventually roll.  If your baby is sleeping on their stomach, make sure you have a crib mattress that will keep them safe while sleeping.  When you can’t be there, SafeSleep® is!  

See why SafeSleep® is the #1 pediatrician and safe sleep policy makers recommended crib mattress.