A Crying Baby Can be Stressful

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A crying baby can sometimes be a very stressful situation especially during a Pandemic.
As we have come to know over the past few months, Covid is a changing and difficult time to be a parent with all it’s uncertainties. These uncertainties paired with new lock down orders in many states, can push parent’s stress to new levels. A crying baby can make a stressful situation even more stressful. Crying is normal for babies and a natural way for them to “talk”. 

Here are some important facts and tips to help:

A crying baby is normal.  Babies cry the most between 2 weeks and 4 months of age, sometimes more often at night.

Here are some of the reasons your baby may be crying. He/She may be signalling to you that  they are hungry, they are too hot or too cold, their is too much noise, their diaper is dirty, they are tiered, they have gas, or they are getting sick. More >

Some babies cry more than others, even when there is nothing wrong.
There are many ways to soothe your crying baby:
· Change their diaper
· Let your baby eat or suck on your finger or on a pacifier
· Undress your baby to make sure there is nothing pinching your baby or wrapped around, finger, toe or penis. Stands of hair or strings can make their way into your baby’s clothing and get wrapped around extremities.
· Swaddle your baby
· Gently rock your baby in your arms
· Go out for a walk in the stroller
· Go for a car ride
· Give your baby a warm bath
· Or run some water, the sound of running water is soothing and calming to even adults

It’s ok if you are getting upset

It’s ok if you are getting upset, it just means you need a break.
If you are upset or are now crying, follow these steps:
· Call a friend, neighbor, or family member and ask them to give you a needed break
· Put your crying baby in a safe place like a crib or play yard and take a moment away for yourself
· Seek care or call your baby’s doctor if they continue to cry

Never shake your baby!

Babies have a very fragile brain and shaking your baby can cause blindness, brain damage, and death. More >
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