Safe Sleep for Babies – A Holiday Travel Reminder

safe sleep for babies

Safe Sleep for Babies Travel Plan

Don’t forget, safe sleep is especially important during the holiday season.  We are often out of our normal routines and in a celebratory state.  This is when accidents seem to be heightened.  So make sure you arrange for a safe sleep for babies plan of action while making your holiday travel plans.

With the Holiday season fast approaching, many families will be traveling over the coming months to celebrate the holidays with friends and family. Make sure your baby has a safe place to sleep, for nap time and nighttime while away from home this Holiday Season.

Communicate Your Safe Sleep Plan

Be sure to communicate your safe sleep protocol with the friends and family members who may be assisting with your baby’s care during travel.  You want to make sure everyone understands that the safest place for you baby to sleep is in a crib, or bassinet.  Make sure the crib mattress is firm and it fits tightly in the crib. 

Remember to keep soft bedding and items out of the sleep area; this includes stuffed toys, mattress pads, bumper pads, and blankets.  These items have been found to cause strangulation deaths, and they are known to trap carbon dioxide.  Rebreathing carbon dioxide can be lethal.

Don’t hold your sleeping baby or allow family members to hold baby if you or they are planning on napping.  Your baby should never sleep in the same bed as an adult or child.  A baby needs their own space to remain safe while sleeping.

Remember, chairs and couches are not a safe place for baby to sleep.  If space is limited, consider a mini crib or play yard.

Consider a Breathable Crib Mattress

A Breathe-Through Crib Mattress is always your safest option since it protect your baby from both suffocation and rebreathing carbon dioxide.  Rebreathing carbon dioxide is believed to be the biggest risk factor in infant sleep related deaths and SIDS/SUDI. 

The SafeSleep® Breathe-Through products are the only products in the U.S. to pass the Australia/New Zealand firmness standard making them the perfect sleep environment to keep your baby safe all year round.

Plan Ahead

Safe sleep for babies should be arranged prior to arriving at your hotel or other final destination. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has a Safe to Sleep® Crib Information Center, which explains the federal crib standards.  Steer clear of inflatable air mattresses, as they pose a deadly danger.

Keeping your baby safe during holiday travel is a simple task once you make the effort to plan ahead.

For information on crib safety, contact the CPSC at 1-800-638-2772 or